About us

WELLBEING was founded 10 years ago in Chicago, IL, with one simple concept: create an affordable, friendly, fun and welcoming fitness environment that encourages, educates, and motivates clients to achieve their health and fitness goals. WELLBEING members have embraced this non-intimidating atmosphere and have achieved great results.

Outstanding client relationships, sparkling clean facilities, and a professional, caring, certified staff are some of the reasons WELLBEING has clients who have been members since day one. We proudly serve the community by improving the health and fitness of our citizens, one person at a time.


To unite runners of every level of ability and interest; promote good health, friendship, camaraderie, and training; encourage participation in all types of running events; and focus our club-sponsored races toward supporting charitable causes.


The Yoga Expo 2016 Los Angeles

The Yoga Expo is an all-day yoga event featuring local & national teachers. Studios showcase their unique styles of mind & body practice. The Yoga Expo serves as a platform to empower and strengthen the local yoga community.

Fitness Body Boom Bootcamp

Body Boom Bootcamp is an intensive six week course created by WELLBEING, to reduce weight and body fat in the quickest amount of time. Body Boom Bootcamp is challenging mentally and physically, fun and pushes you to your absolute limit.

The WELLBEING Challenge

As WELLBEING is an Explosive New Health Movement in Chicago, we are dedicated to restoring Health. Our upcoming event called “The WELLBEING Challenge” is open to anyone above the age of 16 looking to transform their wellbeing.

Why us

01. Developing Coordination

Coordination basically means firing the right muscle fibers at the right time for a given physical task. Thus, stability and balance are just different aspects of coordination.

02. Improving Flexibility

The exercises in your workout combined with nutrition, hydration, and lifestyle choices can have a huge impact on your flexibility.

03. Increasing Strength and Power

There are many facets to working out that include aerobics and flexibility in addition to strength and power. The latter are pretty similar but in fact very different.

04. Establishing Great Workout Habits

We all have friends who, despite hectic schedules, never miss a day at the gym. They can't stop smiling after yoga class, and their workout habits play a great role in training.