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Mobile Phones/Electronic Devices

Mobile phones and other electronic devices must be silenced or turned off during all IU Cinema events. The use of cameras and recording devices is strictly forbidden during any film screening. However, for most lectures, film introductions, and/or post-film Q&A sessions, patrons are permitted to take photographs, unless noted otherwise. Approval to video or audio record lectures, film introductions, and/or post-film Q&A session must be obtained directly with IU Cinema staff prior to the day of the event.

The recording of copyrighted material is illegal. Piracy is a serious federal offense punishable by federal laws. This act will not be tolerated on IU Cinema property. Cinema staff reserves the right to inspect any device if the patron is suspected of any recording. Violators will be ejected from the Cinema after all recordings have been confiscated for evidence. Authorities will be contacted and charges will be filed.