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We are a group of amateur astronomers working together to improve astronomical knowledge and observational skills. We make ourselves and our instruments available to promote public interest in astronomy. Cosmos members are a varied group of colleagues who share a curiosity about the sky. Some members are scientists or engineers, while others are artists or craftspeople, building contractors or college students. Ability levels span the range from novice to expert.


Our company was founded in 1976, with the goal to produce and market innovative observational astronomy aids and educational materials for amateur astronomers and students of all levels.

Our team

Alan Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Laura Stegner

Office Manager

Gloria Mann

Company founder


Who we are

For many years our company was a small sole proprietorship serving local astronomers and various astronomy club. Within a few years, Cosmos had built a solid reputation for products with intellectual and technical integrity and that is still the hallmark of our products today.

Hubble Helps Solve Mystery of'Born Again' Stars.

For the past 60 years, astronomers have been puzzled by an unusual type of star that looks hotter and bluer than it should for its age. It has been dubbed a "blue straggler" because it seems to lag behind the evolution of neighboring stars.

Space news

NASA Space Telescopes See Magnified Image ofthe Faintest Galaxy from the Early Universe.

Hunting for faraway galaxies that existed long, long ago is like a fishing trip for astronomers. So far only the "big fish" have been found, bright galaxies that existed just a few hundred million years after the big bang.

Cosmic filaments exposed near huge cluster.

ESA’s XMM-Newton X-ray observatory has revealed three massive filaments of hot gas flowing towards acluster of galaxies, uncovering a portion of the cosmic skeleton that pervades the entire Universe.