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Our staff consists of experienced professionals who understand how to prepare and serve steaming hot, delicious European meals, fresh bread and drinks in a clean and comfortable atmosphere.

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at our restaurant will stick in
your memory forever!

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People visit restaurants on various occasions.

Some like celebrating birthdays there, while others consider these places as the best ones for business meetings. Couples in love also go out on romantic dates there. Many individuals visit restaurants just to have a delicious meal, especially those who don’t like cooking. A lot of dishes are quite challenging to cook at home, without proficiency in the culinary art. Even if you are a good cook, you can still take a break from buying food, preparing a lunch and washing up. In fact, eating out is not only convenient, but also gives an opportunity to get fresh ideas about the dishes to cook at home.


sweeten your evening

Would you like to finish your meal with something sweet? Order one of our exclusive desserts including rum cakes, cheesecakes, lemon tarts, chocolate mousse, fruit cupcakes and ice creams. We have the sweet course that you’ll love for sure!