caesar’s CHEF

Head Chef Michael Bornmann is THE Chef with no doubt.

He is the heart of our restaurant and he is the one who brings the spirit and soul into it. He is an experienced cook with a long list of awards, prizes and trophies. He took part in the tv-programmes that still run on tv.  The life of Michael Bornmann is not a simple life of a chef. He establishes books for food lovers, gives interviews, comes to the most famous tv shows . He is a real celebrity!  Michael Bornmann and his Sous-Chef Juliane Santini remember their names because they can cook the best dish you have ever eaten in your life!


Best cuisine
for the most
exquisite taste!

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meet our team

Laura Stegner

As an important member of our staff, she is responsible for making our dishes tasty. She also ensures adherence to recipes, executes pre-shifts meetings and runs the work of chefs de partie.

Alan Smith

Representing the flawless service of our dining room, he performs the presentation of our menu, suggests and serves beverages, answers questions, takes and serves orders.

Martha Healy

Assisting in preparation of meals, she sets up the line for efficient flow, adheres to recipe book standards, complies with established portion sizes, and wraps meat for presentation.

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Best Recipes

Our menu provides you with the mix of fresh seasonal ingredients, refined goods and the best recipes and techniques. We do our best to serve you delicious food.


Our Restaurant was established in May 25, 1987. Since then it has grown to more than 30 restaurants worldwide and plans continue to extend, that is not the end of the story...