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Grand Care is widely recognized for providing its clients with research and solutions that are technically robust, pragmatic, and carefully aligned with the cultural norms of the populations being served.

Health Care Advisory

Our Health Care Advisory Department provides a broad array of services to both public and private health care systems and supports organizations across the country.

Medical Care Services

The range of health care services we provide is rather wide and it includes all types of supportive care offered throughout the country at home, and/or places of our clients’ residence.

Health Research, Policy and Analysis

Our offerings include research design, design and analysis of multimode surveys, advanced data mining, statistical analysis, modeling, and analytics of health systems for government and private sector.

Clinical Research Support

Our full-service contract research organization and health research department provides cost-effective solutions and superior support services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and government clients.

Health Services

Grand Care has several programs that address the needs of elders behavioral health challenges and with trained staff support them through reducing risk within their lives. Currently, our programs are Homelessness Program, Mental Health Care Management, and Suicide.

Home Care

Grand Care has a range of in-home services for seniors to maintain their independence and continue to live at home. Our Grand Care Managers will assist the elder with selecting services, provided by community agencies, best fitting their needs.

Care Options

Grand Care Managers assist elders, families, and caregivers to determine the services and programs that will help them manage a person’s need for care. There is a variety of ways to be assisted within the agency to find the Programs and/ or service to fit your needs.

Home Health

Whether a senior is aging in place in their home or living in a senior living community, medical and non-medical home care are options that provide a wide array of features and services. Learn more about Home Health from Grand Care.


The philosophy at Grand Care is that life is much more than physical health; it also includes the health of the human spirit. When physical health begins to fail, the nurturing of the spirit becomes critical for maintaining the dignity of the individual.