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About us

Grand care started out in 2009 as a group of family members and professional allies (people who worked in services who knew the system and who were invited in to support family members in doing things a different way).

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We believe:

  • In the importance of valued roles and relationships – we all need a place to belong, people who love and care about us and meaningful roles in our life.

  • That much of what is good in life is not in the currency of money and that funding does not automatically lead to improved life outcomes for people.

  • That the role of paid support is to create opportunities to assist people to build lives of meaning and connection.

  • In creating not waiting – there is no time like the present to secure the future (not when the system is fixed or when more resources are available).

We can help

Grand care can provide in-home senior care services making aging in place possible. What is aging in place? It’s the term used to describe the desire most seniors have to continue living at their own home; the desire to live at home for as long as possible before moving to a care facility.

At Grand care, our compassionate caregivers provide assistance with the activities of daily living that make aging in place possible. With our in-home care services, seniors receive the one-on-one support they need to remain independent and live safely at home.