Insect control

Other services

  • Global crop positioning

    Our use of real time kinematic global positioning systems allows accurate seed and fertilizer placement based on yield mapping to improve yield and reduce costs. The geographic spread of properties and crop mix allows us to increase market opportunities whilst maximizing return on investment.

  • Traditional breeds analysis

    We are constantly comparing our performance against traditional breeds.

  • Improving characteristics of vegetables

    Sometimes, we use genetic modification to bring beneficial traits to the plant, such as the ability to tolerate drought better, resist herbicide applications or ward off pests.

  • Growing in artificial media and hydroponics

    Our company provides services of assisting farms, other agricultural companies, and individual farmers in growing crops and vegetables without using soil. It gives some important advantages to regions with bad soil state or its absence.

  • Accommodation of the structure type to crop type, and adapting growing methods

    With this service, you can improve the growing process without unnecessary expenses.

  • Crop protection and sanitary management

    Our experts protect local crops and control the conditions of their cultivation.

  • Crops nutrition and nutrients application

    Through researching nutrition of popular crops, we help farmers to apply suitable farming technologies.

  • Plantation agriculture

    We offer our customers the commercial farming service with growing crops for profit. AgroWorld uses large land areas for this purpose.

  • Irrigation methods and management & hydraulics

    Our team designs and installs irrigation solutions that help our clients in successful farming and growing of popular crops, vegetables, and fruits. We also provide necessary management concerning irrigation and hydraulics.

  • Field crops & industrial crops

    This service is perfect for those farmers who are looking for reliable crops for field and industrial usage. They include but are not limited to: rice, corn, wheat, oats, rye, cotton, soybean etc. Quality check is also offered as a part of the service.

  • Alternative energy crops and bio-fuel

    With increase of the global search for alternative energy sources, biofuel as well as certain crops can be of a great use.

  • Interpretation of soil analysis & treatments recommendation

    Using the information about soil analysis, we can give you its full interpretation and suggest possible treatments.

  • Supplying fertilizers and seeds

    Our company provides a wide selection of various fertilizers and seeds that are suitable for any type of farming, including organic. All our products undergo an extensive quality inspection so you can be sure of their safety for your customers.

  • Organic agriculture and organic concepts

    Since 2015, we help small farm enterprises by providing necessary resources and giving consultations on organic farming and its concepts.