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These articles were written as client handouts. You may click on each article title for the full article. Gillian Smith, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

Personality disorders: the controllers, abusers ...

Who are these people that damage us emotionally, financially, socially, and even spiritually in relationships? Some are con artists like Victor Lustig (1825) who sold the Eiffel Tower not once, but twice. Some remind us of "Alex Forrest" in the movie "Fatal Attraction" (1987) who screams "I will not be ignored!" In mental health terms, they are Personality Disorders. This article describes the four Personality Disorders that create...

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Emotional memory management

Emotional events - good or bad - create "emotional memories" in the brain. Good emotional memories prompt a smile while traumatic memories may produce a panic attack, grief, fear, or intense emotional reactions. This article addresses the way emotional memories are made, used in daily living. This handout is often used in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and with victims of emotional or physical abuse/trauma...

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Understanding depression

This was my first internet article. Originally written as a client handout, it addresses the symptoms, causes, and treatment of depression. The article offers practical suggestions and information about depression treatment.

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Fear and Politics

Political campaigns often use fear as a mechanism to influence public opinion on issues such as immigration and war but this strategy does not affect everyone equally.

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Infants, Adults and Novelty

Infants who are excellent at processing novel information when they are just 6- and 12-months-old are likely to demonstrate excellence in intelligence tests and academic achievements.

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What are "bad nerves"

Over the years, hundreds of people have described their mental health status with "I've got bad nerves". I decided to explore that description and offer this article as a set of circumstances typically found in "bad nerves". Practical treatment and recovery recommendations are also presented.

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The highway patrol approach to parental discipline

Psychologists tend to use their life experiences as an opportunity to examine life in general. Following a brief meeting with the Ohio Highway Patrol, I wrote this article as a model for parental discipline and correction. I also drive a little slower.

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ADHD: causes, symptoms, and treatment

ADHD is often described in terms of brief clinical symptoms. This article describes how those symptoms are displayed in the home and community. Options for treatment are also explored.

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