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  • Incredible speed

    Incredible speed for a solar-powered vehicle. Reaching 100 km/h in just under 5 seconds, with a maximum speed of 489 km/h proven during test-driving on the road.

  • Solar-powered battery

    Solar-powered battery working to power your car at top speed for as long as there are the daylight and sunlight out there. And more to that, for 8 more hours of no-daylight, as it stores the energy inside its battery.

  • High-safety

    High-safety measures, which allow you to use solar energy in a completely safe and radiation-free way. It is guaranteed by the way solar panels are designed and integrated into car's framework and engine.

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"energo"timeline on Kickstarter

  • Project Launched
  • Start of kickstarter project
  • Kickstarter project ends. Production starts!
  • Production ends and shipping starts
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Our Team

For our company the ability to work as a team, complimenting each other's strong and weak traits is vital. We never tried to work another way, and we don't intend to do so. That is one of the reasons why all our products have this complexity feel in them.

  • Brian Max

    Author of the idea

  • Ann Johnson

    Concept designer

  • Alex Madelis

    Chief Creative Officier

  • Ritchie Blackmore

    Managing Director

  • Jennifer McMillan

    PR Manager

Brian Max

Author of idea

"I started working with no experience, no money, and no network. The only thing I had was my ingenious idea and a bold business plan. Then, I have found other people who shared the same passion and became a part of our team. We moved to a bigger office, started to create solar-powered car prototypes and prepare for our crowd funding campaign.

We achieved what we wanted to achieve.

We earned 100k in 25 days in order to have a market proof for VC investors to join us. We were happy to find a great investor who also enjoyed our idea. It was very difficult to start, but at the same time very exciting."