We offer our clients a wide range of services that are necessary for any agricultural enterprise nowadays.

Here you can find services specified for a certain region of your country as well as common ones including supply of seeds and other agricultural consumables, soil analysis etc.

Other services

  1. Growing in artificial media

    Our company provides services for agricultural companies and individual farmers in growing crops and vegetables without using soil.

  2. Irrigation methods management

    Our team designs and installs irrigation solutions and necessary management tools that help our clients in successful farming and growing of popular crops, vegetables, and fruits.

  3. Field crops & industrial crops

    Our service helps clients solve their issues from strategy through to execution. It helps clients navigate complex new markets of field crops and industrial crops profitably, to reimagine business by creating end-to-end agricultural solutions from strategy and innovation through execution.

Global positioning

Our use of Real Time Kinematic Global Positioning Systems allows accurate seed and fertilizer placement based on yield mapping to improve ...

Crops and Bio-Fuel

With increase of the global search for alternative energy sources, biofuel as well as certain crops can be of a great use.

Agricultural seeds

Here we work to bring better seeds for farmers.

We do this by having a world-class breeding program that aims to keep finding the best plants adapted to local conditions. And, sometimes, we use genetic modification to bring beneficial traits to the plant, such as the ability to tolerate drought better, resist herbicide applications or ward off pests. We provide seeds of popular row crops (wheat, barley, alfalfa, soybeans and others) alongside with seedlings of widely known fruit trees (apples, pears etc.)

Improving quality of fruits