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Services we provide

Rentspace is acting as an agent between the parties when renting and purchasing or selling properties like apartments, houses, villas, commercial buildings, hotels, resorts, warehouses, land, plots and rural properties in the city.

In addition to our consulting services, we have partners to hand that offer legal and financial advice, with the aim to give the client a major security when negotiating and dealing with the paperwork and guide you through the whole conveyancing process.

Rentspace will look after the marketing and publicity of the property our client wishes to sell or rent out, on the local, national and international markets.

In Rentspace we are dedicated to the sale and rental of properties, but we also offer a range of management services, and help you facilitate integration into the administrative system of the city.

Description of property rental services package:

Detailed information

Our clients are given detailed information about the apartments and rental conditions. We also give our clients assistance in selecting the most appropriate rental solution.

Private request

Not all properties can be publicly displayed on our website. We have a database of non-marketed properties that are available upon a private request.

Communication with owners

Communication with the landlord is very important when defying the terms of the tenancy agreement and making sure everything is negotiated correctly.

Possible roommate search

If a tenant cannot afford a place on his own we arrange meetings with potential roommates based on the tenant’s requirements.

24/7 emergency call out service

Our clients are assisted in emergency situations.

Deposit payback management

We make sure the landlord pays back the deposit according to the tenancy agreement.

Property portfolio

We have a large database of property rentals and sales, new build properties and resales, from private owners and banks: apartments, villas, houses, land, commercial and industrial buildings, turistic complexes, hotels and any other property in the area.

Some of the properties, especially those on the higher price level can only be viewed with our sales staff, as the seller has requested not to advertise them openly on the market to protect privacy. Hotels, turistic resorts, luxury villas and bigger plots fall generally into that category, negotiations will only be held confidentially and with total discretion.