James Johnson


James Johnson is the Founder and Senior Architect of ArchiArch. His competence allows our company to stay on top for more than 10 years. Since his childhood, James has dreamt about building sustainable and visually attractive buildings that will make a difference in architecture. He made his first step into the industry of architecture in his early 20s while he was studying at university.

10 years after graduating from the university, Mr. Johnson decided to start his own business. At that time he wanted to introduce some of his new projects, but he needed a new name to do it. That’s how ArchiArch was founded. Later he gathered a team of creative architects and designers who helped him to push the company further and make it a leader of the industry.

James' Team

Jessica Priston

Senior Project Designer and Architect

Sam Kromstain

Junior Architect, Visual Modeling Supervisor

Edna Barton

Project Creative Manager, Designer

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