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Exterior or interior?

What to start with, decorating the house from the inside or from the outside? It is one of the most popular questions when we speak about building a new house or moving from one place to another. Check what do the professionals say about this subject.

Front entry doors

Looking for a front entry door system that portrays elegance and tradition or perhaps one that is contemporary and modern? Call us for a consultation. We offer personalized colors, custom decorative mouldings, adapted height and width and door glass units available in an infinite variety of styles and sizes. The options that can be combined to give your home a distinctive flare are endless.

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Design like a pro

Design the home by yourself even if you know nothing about design and architecture. Discover top secrets of this business and become a pro in no time. Learn all the basics and stuff like that.

Why exterior design is important

It is vital to have the house look attractive from the outside, as it is the face of you and your family. In some way it gives a picture of the people who live in it, their likes, hobbies, etc.

Which design to choose

There are hundreds designs and styles used in architecture. When it comes to decorating or building a house, it is not an easy task to choose which one fits better.

Tips from Professionals

  • Mosquito repellant plants

    As the weather warms up outside, we are not the only ones getting excited about the spring, so is our honorary state bird, the mosquito...

  • Form follows function

    Essentially, this means that the purpose of the building should be the starting point of the design. What is the purpose of your home?..

  • House materials

    With the plethora of options, it is very difficult to decide what materials we should use on our home exterior.

  • Exterior color combinations

    As in all decorating, color choice is vital—it can hide flaws or when done poorly, draw attention to flaws.

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Light Up Your Home

Make your house look stylish and attractive

Don’t let your home fade into the darkness. Proper lighting is paramount for home safety and nighttime appeal. Aside from the obvious light fixtures that straddle your doorways and garage doors, there are other outdoor lights that should be placed around your home. Choose lights that mimic your homes style.

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