Why us

Elegant Interior

We offer you not only the best recipes of typical Italian dishes also the mood of many things: interior, music and just Italian air!

Excellent Service

Being highly committed to our clients, we offer top-notch service to make sure everyone is satisfied.

Tasty menu

We provide you with daily self-made bread, sourdough pizza, roasted fish-meat-vegetables and many more.

Private Rooms

Our private dining rooms will let you seclude yourself and your guests from regular visitors of our restaurant.

We shine and sparkle

We follow and maintain utmost standards of presentable appearance, cleanliness, and hygiene to maximize your experience.

Our cooks

Eva Adamson

Sous-Chef Eva is an experienced cook with a long list of awards, prizes and trophies.

Mark Johnson

Mark is the Chef with no doubt. He is the heart of our restaurant and he is the one who brings the spirit and soul into it.

Olivia Grosh

Olivia can cook the best Italian dish you have ever eaten in your life!

Sam Kromstain

He establishes books for food lovers, gives interviews, comes to the most famous TV shows. He is a real celebrity!

Exclusive awards

Our chefs are recognized worldwide and have received a number of exclusive culinary awards.

about us

We are driven by uncompromising freshness and quality, gracious hospitality and a growing list of restaurants destined to be the envy of the casual dining business. We're fully committed to preparing and serving food of uncompromising freshness and quality and we're grateful that our restaurants are created by passionate employees who make it their business to delight each and every guest with an excellent dining experience.

Passion. Pride.

Our restaurant offers you perfect cooking, best served dishes with fresh ingredients and old recipes. We have only carefully sourced and seasonal ingredients in our disposal to make rustic dishes.