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Our Philosophy

Our mission is to make the process of choosing things that will be part of your everyday life joyous and hassle-free.

Architecture is everywhere in the everyday life. Look around. What do you see? What do you pass by on your way to work? Buildings are everywhere. Modern or old, every building has its own story, its own life, past and the future. When we build a new house instead of the old one we don’t think about the history that was left behind and the meaning it may have for you as a citizen of the city/country. Modern architecture changes the way we work, live and spend our leisure time. Parks, places of interest, offices and homes reveal our philosophy and shape the way we perceive the world.
The majority of people spend most of the time in buildings. Some of them were structured for the purpose of studying, entertaining, having rest or just living. However, it is hard to say that an average house where we live was built with the end user in mind. As a rule, architects are heavily dependent on such aspects as space, time, money and other limitations. When you decide to build your own house, the aforementioned factors are no less important. Most of us start working on such projects heavily relying on the budget.

Recent Works

Berlin 2015
Building an object from scratch Jane Lee
Amsterdam 2014
New construction Adam Smith
Berlin 2015
Renovation design Martin Thomson
Berlin 2013
Planning and designing the interior Jane Lee
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Bringing new life into the old constructions.

Minimizing the negative impact of buildings and building materials on the environment.

Architecture is not only the space where we live. This is a material copy of our habits and beliefs. It has been scientifically proven that if a person wants to bring some changes into his/her life, it’s better to start with the environment where he/she spends most of the day. Do some repair work, buy a new desk, decor element or whatsoever, and the wind of changes will make your life more diverse and interesting. The latter has direct connection with our habits. Change something in the design of your home and see how your behavior will become different in a week or two.

Latest News

Dior garment styles boutique

Last week our company participated in the opening ceremony of a new Dior boutique in Los Angeles, CA, that will start new chain of Dior boutiques throughout the USA. They will be considerably different from all previous boutiques of this company. Arcitex will take part in construction and design of every boutique that Dior will open during the next 6 months.

Norwegian authorities destroy fake Hans J Wegner chairs

Norwegian customs have destroyed 100 replicas or Hans J Wegner’s round chairs. The Danish furniture manufacturer who is now the owner of the brand was contacted by the Norwegian authorities earlier in 2015 regarding a consignment of 100 copies of the chair. The latter had to be delivered to one of the Norwegian restaurants. However, the chairs were not delivered to the destination point and were destroyed.


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