Our agency participates in a great number of events, both promotional and connected with fashion. From New York to Tokyo, our models, their stylists, photographers and makeup artists visit the leading fashion shows from year to year, promoting the skills of our models and the high management level of our agency. During the last two years, our models participated in a number of contests and fashion shows - “Design Experiments” (London, UK, 2014), “Design of the Year” (Madrid, Spain, 2014), “Fabrication Fashion Festival” (Rome, Italy, 2013) and many others.

This year, our agency cooperated with leading manufacturers of designer clothes, and we started a new annual festival called “Fashion Summer” that took place in Paris, France from June, 29 to July, 3 in Bedford Hotel. Later this year our agency's models were featured in promotional campaigns of Lamborghini and Pagani new supercars. If you would like to invite our models to participate in your fashion show, or feature them in your promotional campaign, we are always open to cooperation. Feel free to contact us using the form below.