As it is said in encyclopedias, model's role lies in promoting a certain service or product. But in our agency, we think that model is more than just a beautiful face on a cover of a magazine. That's why our models are highly valued by other agencies and fashion companies. Since 2001, our models took parts in various beauty shows, from Miss Europe to Miss Universe, and have been awarded by expert commissions of these contests as well as by leading fashion and beauty magazines. We pay a lot of attention to the professional development of our models, and even experienced models, who have been in our agency almost from the very beginning take part in our annual professional development courses.

While many actors are considered to be models as well, our models are often featured in dramas, blockbusters, horror movies, and other masterpieces of modern cinematography. All of our models presented in our catalog, have numerously acted in musical videos and movies of both commercial and independent studios. They are also employed in promotional videos of well-known automobile companies, computer hardware or software manufacturers, and many other interesting projects. Moreover, our models are encouraged to push boundaries of their professional skills, and they are often noticed to be participants of fashion shows in the role of casual clothes and swimwear designers.