Tina McFarlowe, a daughter of American businessman and English programmer, has quickly become popular in the world of fashion and acting, due to her impressive acting skills and exquisite beauty. She was first noticed by modeling agents after her appearance in the Young Talents Show that was aired on CNN channel in 2005. After this, she took an active part in various fashion shows and advertising campaign as well as photo sessions. Her talent was highly valued in 2011, when she became a face of the new Dior promotional campaign.

In 2012, she signed a 4-year contract with our agency. Then, she took part in Paris Fashion Show in 2012 and 2013, and also was featured in Honda, CTV and Greenpeace promos and TV ads. Her photo sessions are always said to be extremely captivating with her impressive beauty and look. Recently, she started her own clothing line for girls and took part in its promotion as well. Tina isn't just an ordinary model, she is a pure talent that you won't easily find these days.