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About US

As time goes by, one thing becomes more and more clear - Americans love Mexican food.

Though there are a wide variety of Mexican restaurants, from the quesadillas at sports bars to the heavily American influenced Tex-Mex establishments, what we really crave is the authentic flavor of food prepared in the traditional Mexican style.

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Private Events

Our authentic, regionally-inspired Mexican cuisine, cocktails and spirits - all served with Latin hospitality - will make for a truly unforgettable experience.


We are happy to cater your special event in a formal or casual way. We do buffet, table service, or drop off delivery service.

We Cater:

Your restaurant is the right family place for me. It is already a tradition for us to visit this place every Friday evening.

Mark Johnson, Client

I really enjoy the interior and music, my husband likes all kinds of burritos they serve here and my little daughter is crazy about desserts.

Olivia Grosh, Client

I will never stop visiting this place. It is just a hideaway for me. It is located in a quiet district and I like to come here after work.

Patrick Pool, Client

Our mission

Our family has been in the restaurant business for a very long time. Nowadays we can proudly boast our reputation for a well known Mexican restaurant in our area. We are famous for the fabulous authentic cuisine, professional chef and dedicated staff.

The atmosphere of real Italy rules the mood at our restaurant. We offer you not only the best recipes of typical Mexican dishes, but also the mood of many things: interior, music, waitresses and just Mexican air!

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