Club statute

We are here for you Street Racing Club

Street Racing Club does not speculate in any way that our club supports illegal street racing. We are strongly opposed to that.

We are here to promote and expose the hidden talents in our beautifull province of Natal in Southern Africa, where the days are hot and the cabs are hotter.

We have come into contact with people producing outstanding work from car mods, body styling, sound setup, designer boxes with airbrushing and all making it custom. We know our work will never be unclaimed, due to constantly increasing popularity of racing cars.

Our history

While the "new" circuit at Killarney is now in its Golden Anniversary year, to say that we are 50 years old this year is not quite the story. The Street Racing Club really began with the formation ...

Recently before 1950, the team of Street Racing Club was re-established after the World War II ended. It gave us a perfect opportunity to ...

Unfortunately, this year was also associated with several less pleasant motorsport incidents over the years. The first, and certainly the most bizarre of these, occurred in January 1972, only seconds after the start of a national Cape South Easter meeting...

Classes 2015

Top street:

Basically the same as in 2014. 8 low ET street legal cars from time trials.

Modified racing cars:

Originally designed for domestic and import cars and trucks that are modified with either headers, power adders, tin work etc, it formerly featured Street/Stick-Auto, Compact and majorly modified Bone Stock Trucks.

True street:

These classes continue traditions of previous years. Unmodified domestic and import street cars and true Bone Stock Trucks, equipped with unmodified drivelines, and DOT tires take part in True street classes.


Real Street legal Bikes on DOT Tires, with extended swing arms limited to 6 inches and without slick or power adders, can participate in these classes.

Outlaw street:

Any vehicle that isn't licensed or inspected can take part in these classes. However, these cars are legal. Bikes with extended swing arms over 6" can also compete in Outlaw street classes.

Meet the team


Friday Street Racing

FE Meet and Greet “BRATS and BEER”

$40 All Day Test & Tune 10:00 to 4:00

25 Saturday

3rd Annual FE RACE and REUNION Big Block Fords only

$40 All Day Test & Tune 10:00 to 4:00

Our awards

Formula 1 Trophy

  • 1990 G. Sevicke-Jones
  • 1991 G. Sevicke-Jones
  • 1992 Brad Stenhouse
  • 1993 M. Robertson
  • 1994 G. Sevicke-Jones

Formula 2 Trophy

  • 1993 Rob Parry
  • 1994 Michael Tall
  • 1995 Mark Tait
  • 1996 Mark Tait
  • 1997 Rob Stuart