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What is charity?

First decide where the car wash will take place. This might be:

Charity Car Wash Program

a day at the car wash start now

A Fundraising Car Wash for Charity is simple to organise. IT IS A GREAT WAY TO RAISE FUNDS.

Fundraising Opportunities

Car Wash always welcomes opportunities to assist local groups and charities in their fundraising efforts with environmentally friendly alternatives to parking lot car washing or other more complicated solutions.

The following are a few programs that we have developed for this purpose. We are also interested in exploring additional ideas that you may have.

- Sell Wash Cards

- Raffle, Auction and/or Door Prizes
Car Wash is always willing to donate Car Wash Vouchers, Wash Cards and/or Gift Bags to be used as prizes or auction items for fundraising events.

- A Day at the Car Wash
Let us host your next fundraiser. You spread the word and have fun. We do all the work.

Car Wash Fundraising

A simple four-step process that will change the way you view fundraising.

There is nothing to purchase, nothing to sell, and NO money handling. Plus – there is a valuable savings element every time your supporters participate in the program!

Additional Features of the Program:

If you raise $1,000 or more, you earn additional related valuable prizes and merchandise that can be raffled off to raise more money for your organization

QR code on the back of each card makes it easy to share your fundraiser via social media, email, and text campaigns

Along with 500 FREE branded wash cards, Car Wash also provides you with an electronic version of the card for easy distribution to a wider audience and also to ease the use of the card when presenting at the car wash on your smartphone