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Why us?

customer satisfaction

We take pride in developing innovative and unique tools that improve worker efficiency and building sanitation. Globally acknowledged for revolutionizing the window cleaning industry over the past 50 years with modern squeegees and telescopic poles, we continue to innovate and expand our product lines.

We've got window
cleaning down to
a science

Today our Window Cleaning Company range includes professional cleaning products for kitchens and restaurants, bathrooms and toilets, dusting and floor maintenance, as well as litter picking tools, water purifying systems, and reaching aids.

You'll enjoy the results

We have utilized our expert knowledge in professional cleaning to create a range of simple and effective tools, designed to help you keep your home looking great with minimum effort.

Professional cleaning

Pure Water

Everything you need for safe cleaning of the glass, building facades, solar panels, vehicles and signage at height.

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Highly qualified professionals

Eva Adamson

Cleaning Operator

David Austin

Window Cleaner

Natalie Barnes

Central Office Receptionist

Thomas Bishop

Furniture Cleaner

Cleaning at home


Window Cleaning

Everything you need to give your windows, conservatories and greenhouses high shine finish!


Telescopic Poles

Our Connect and Clean™ System enables you to clean at heights of up to 7m above the ground - an intelligent solution for safe cleaning.



From high performance microfibre to nature-inspired Mamboo™ cloths, we have something to clean any type of surface.