We Provide the Best Seaand Air Freight Services.

We have contracts with world’s major ocean and air carriers. No matter what type of transportation you choose – your cargo will arrive in due time to any city. We will take care of all the paperwork, leaving you only satisfaction by our services.

What We Offer


Reliable & well-trained employees.

Vehicle Fleet

Modern small trucks, trailers, road trains and many more.


You won’t find better prices anywhere on the market.

Unbeaten Safety

Our sky-high insurance standards ensure absolute safety of your cargo.

We Are

Our transportation company with 30 years of experience is your best choice for shipping cargo of any size, storage, packing or delivering wares for your satisfaction. Our professional employees will take care of your goods, whenever you send them. You are granted complete control over the process of delivery by phone or by our mobile app.

Choose Us

Choosing our company as your transportation partner you invest into success of your business. Our reliable service and competitive rates are called to deliver you unmatched customer experience. Just provide us with the information about your cargo, pickup and delivery details, time frame, and budget.


Turnkey Supply Chain Management.

If your company needs to sell their products around the world or in a particular country, we can help you. We are involved in supply chain management for manufacturers and retailers in many industries. Freight, warehousing, accounting, packaging and distribution are just a few examples of what we can do to ensure your success.

Latest News

Our network now embraces 5000 cities all over the world.

You can send your shipments all over the world. We have representatives and warehouses in more than 5000 cities and towns in almost 200 countries. Thanks to our developed network of partners, we can fulfill your order quickly and qualitatively.

Save on consolidated cargo with us.

If you use our consolidated cargo services, you can significantly save on transportation. Consolidated cargo is containerized or unitized cargo comprising of several small individual shipments sent under one bill. This type of cargo usually takes longer to deliver, but it is much cheaper.

and Storage

All of our storage facilities are equipped with climate control and are certified for food storage. We offer both short-term and long-term storage options, and guarantee the best conditions for your wares. This is combined with our wide range of flexible solutions.


We provide top-notch transportation of any volumes of cargo to just any place in the world. We offer shipment by land, air or ocean, including hazardous freight, shipments that require special conditions, and fine art shipping and handling.


We Are Always Openfor New Partnerships.

Our company is always looking for new partners. If you are a professional with experience in logistics, customer support or marketing, we would like to work with you. Talk to our representative or fill a form to learn more.

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