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Vehicle maintenance doesn’t end after getting your oil changed and your tires rotated. Maintaining the interior and exterior of your car, truck, or SUV can have a big impact on your resale value. In its lifetime, your car will survive acid rain, snow, salt, brine, sludge, dirt, pollen, bugs, and much more.

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The most important factor in dealing with each of these dangers is time. The sooner you can wash damaging particles away from the exterior and interior, the better your vehicle will fare in the long run. The condition of the exterior paint and interior fabrics can make a difference of thousands of dollars according to Kelley Blue Book’s valuations.

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Deluxe Detail - $119.95

Your vehicle is washed and waxed, the tires and wheels are cleaned and shined with Black Magic™ to include the wheel wells, we wipe down and dust the interior, perform an extensive vacuuming of the vehicle to include the trunk. We apply an ultra-violet crème protectant to the dash.

Then we clean out all of the cup holders, ash trays, cracks, crevices and vents. Then we clean the windows, mirrors and door jams inside and out to include the trunk jam and inside the gas tank door. And then we apply Rain-X™ to all of the windows. A final inspection of vehicle is then performed. Oversize Vehicles Extra.

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  1. Leather Conditioning - $24.95

    Deep cleaning of leather seats, a cream protectant is applied to the leather, and then the final inspection.

  2. Fabric Protectant - $24.95

    Apply fabric protectant to upholstery, carpet, mats, seatbelts or any other requested areas that are fabric or upholstery.

  3. Shampoo Package - $69.95

    We use the extraction method to clean the carpet, mats and upholstery. We clean the head liner by hand so not to disturb the headliner adhesive.


Valet Services

Having your car valeted is all about the detail. These valet services take about three hours. Your car will get some much needed care and attention. Every fine detail will be cleaned and restored. With cars coming out like new, in showroom condition. If you love your car, these are the services for you.

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