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Who we are

We love to tackle complex challenges, and we know that our best solutions come out of close, trusted partnerships with our clients and the communities we touch.

Laura Stegner

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Why us

We love to take on our clients' most complex infrastructure and natural resource problems, analyzing and solving them in ways nobody has thought of before.

Together, we create new pathways for human progress, breathing fresh life, energy and enterprise into every community we touch.

Sam Kromstain

Chief Operating Officer

Amanda Easter

Company founder

Alan Smith

Development Manager

Marta Healy

Social Media Specialist

Laura Stegner

Data Analyst

Patrick Pool

Project Manager

Dayle Peters

Creative Director


Zero safety incidents, injuries and environmental impacts. Being safe every day is not just a goal at Maxy. It’s what we live for.


Committed to acting with integrity and faithfulness in everything we do, every day. It’s a cornerstone of our business.


Meeting the infrastructure and natural resource needs of a growing world as well as, social and environmental priorities.