Shortly about DSS

Department of Social Services (DSS) is a state supervised and locally administered social services system. Providing oversight and guidance to 120 local offices across the state, DSS delivers a wide variety of services and benefits to over 1.6 million citizens each year.

Our programs are designed to help the most vulnerable citizens find permanent solutions to many life challenges and increase the well-being of our state residents.

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Social Focus

We focus our work on helping citizens of our state. Our help and assistance embrace several spheres of modern community, for example, healthcare and insurance.

Our Responsibilities

Much information on this website is arranged into subject areas for easy access. The subject areas include housing support, mental health, seniors, and lots of others.

Work Team

Mark Johnson

Social Work Researcher

Mark is DSS Social Work Researcher who leads a team of social workers, and conducts researches.

Jessica Priston

Medical & Social Worker

Jessica is our medical expert who assists individuals and families dealing with an illness or health issues.

Sam Kromstain

Mental Health Social Worker

His field of expertise includes work with individuals, groups, families and couples to provide treatment for mental illness.

Edna Barton

Child Social Worker

She works with children and families who are struggling with various social and psychological issues.

Careers at DSS

The social services sector covers a wide range of services, from money advice to caring for the elderly. What all these services have in common is they are about helping people. So if you’ve got a caring personality and want to help people, you might find a job to suit you here.

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Family Support Division

The Family Support Division, as a civil arm of the Department of Social Services, secures the rights of children and their parents to financial support by legally determining paternity and enforcing child support orders pursuant to federal requirements.

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