Other services

Car Wash

Experienced car drivers know that regular cleaning is a good appearance of the car for many years. After all, maintaining a normal state of LCP cheaper regeneration.

Fleet Service

At FrenzyWheels Fleet Service, you'll receive significant savings through our competitive prices, service backed by nationwide warranties, and the convenience of centralized billing.

Tow Truck

Cars are machines, and like machines, they occasionally breakdown. If your car has experienced a breakdown, don’t panic.

Call +1 (208) 465-0601

Credit Card

FrenzyWheels Auto Service offers a convenient method to pay for Maintenance, Repairs and Tires with our own credit card..


Transform your vehicle appearance with the help of our car tuning service. Let your car be special and achieve maximum performance.

Car Care Club

Joining our Car Care Club is a great way to save even more with FrenzyWheels. The program offers great rewards and benefits, and saves you money on auto repair and maintenance down the road...