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Designed with the performance enthusiast in mind, the Potenza RE-11 brings together many of Bridgestone technologies in one impressive package. With a unique new sidewall shape and radical new stealth block derived from our Formula One (TM) race tires, the new Potenza RE-11 boasts the significant level of grip and handling for the street and track--and it will ignite your adrenaline in the process.

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Jessica H. Wheaton

I have a modified 2004 Corvette Z06 (550 HP). This is the first set of tires that actually allows me to rip into first gear without massive wheel spin. The Concrete style roads in Texas where I drive help with grip too. These tires hold the road much better than any other tire I have had before. I hope to get 15000 miles out of them.

Dr. House

I am on my 4th set of RE-11's on my 2012 Corvette Grand Sport. I drive aggressively in HPDE's on road race tracks (Road America, Mid-Ohio, NCM Motorsports, GingerMan, Blackhawk, Autobahn) and find these tires to be extremely responsive with excellent grip and excellent performance when braking in the dry and also very good on the road in the wet.