Get Smart About Motor Oil

Maintenance, Repair, Replacement: Ideas to Keep You Rolling.
Motor Oil and Your Car

How does oil affect fuel efficiency? The thicker the oil, the more energy (fuel burned) needed to pump it.

Engine sludge is as nasty as it sounds, with more disgusting nicknames like “mayonnaise sludge” (soft consistency) and “black sludge” (hard consistency). Sludge is old and congealed oil resulting from excessive contamination, heat and oil additive breakdown. Sludge typically forms over a long period of time and generally builds up when a vehicle owner skips oil changes or travels many miles past the recommended oil change interval.

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Oil Change Service at FrenzyWheels Auto Center

We train our technicians to perform oil change services using our own e-learning and training guides along with on-the-job coaching and mentoring.

How much oil does your car need? Enough to keep the tin man lubricated. All joking aside, some automobiles only need three quart capacity while bigger vehicles can need up to 15 quarts — quite the range. Your auto manufacturers list the oil quantities required for your engine in your owner’s manual.

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Oil Change Videos

Learn more about oil changes, and pick up tips to keep your car running newer, longer.

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