Sci-Tech produces two grades of acetic acid, for industrial use and for food use. Food grade acetic acid is produced using Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure that the product purity is maintained from production to its end use. We also produce Methanol and vinyl acetate monomer (VAM), an important intermediate for the manufacturing of vinyl resins for interior house paints, sealants, and adhesives.


Sci-Tech produces a 70% solution of tert-butyl hydroperoxide in water in its PO/TBA process. T-Hydro solution is an intermediate in the manufacturing of other peroxide initiators and is also used as a polymerization initiator in the manufacturing of emulsions. T-Hydro is one of the few organic peroxides that is DOT-approved for transport in bulk.

Diols, Glycols

Sci-Tech is a leading global producer of ethylene and propylene glycols and 1,4-butanediol. We also produce MPDiol, a versatile diol used in polyester synthesis, urethanes, and personal care applications. Our glycols are used in coolants and antifreeze, while our USP and fragrance grade products in flavors and fragrances.


Sci-Tech alcohols are used as intermediates, solvents for inks, coatings, and chemical processing, as well as ingredients for hand sanitizers and cosmetic products. Sci-Tech offers a full line of pure and denatured ethanol, USP grade isopropanol, and high-purity tertiary-butanol.


Sci-Tech is a leading producer of N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP), an amide solvent with excellent solvency properties. NMP is produced from 1,4-butanediol, which Sci-Tech produces from propylene oxide by a proprietary process. Sci-Tech also supplies several grades of ethanolamines for gas treatment and surfactants.

Acetates, Carbonates

Sci-Tech is the sole US producer of Tertiary-Butyl acetate (TBAC), a versatile VOC-exempt solvent for industrial coatings and adhesives. Sci-Tech also offers ester solvents from three of its glycol ethers and VOC-exempt propylene carbonate, a low volatility, low toxicity solvent for a variety of applications including coatings and cosmetics.

Flexible Packaging

Sci-Tech is one of the world's largest suppliers of polyolefins to producers of film used in flexible packaging applications. Typical customer film conversion technologies include blown, cast, mono- or bi-oriented. Used in applications ranging from stationery and food packaging to consumer products and industrial packaging, resins from Sci-Tech are considered benchmarks in the industry due to their superior performance characteristics.


During the past decade, we have opened up new application areas for customers such as Bosch & Siemens Home Appliances, Miele, Husqvarna, Whirlpool and many others. The superior recyclability of polyolefin-based products used by the Electrical & Electronics/Appliances market aids in achieving compliance with the European directive regarding waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).


Sci-Tech is one of the world's largest suppliers of polyolefins and advanced polyolefins to producers of textiles and fibers. We offer a wide range of polypropylene (PP) homopolymer (Moplen, Pro-fax or Metocene), copolymer (Clyrell), and polyethylene (Alathon or Hostalen), as well as advanced polyolefins (Adflex) for the production of strapping, monofilaments, tapes, continuous filaments.

Wires & Cables

Our portfolio of materials includes a broad range of polyolefin resins, compounds and masterbatches, including HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE resins, high performance PP and reactor-based TPOs, and specialty flame-retardant and additive masterbatches. Our wire and cable materials are available throughout the world via our network of direct sales, regional agents and distributors.


Whether it is bumpers, instrument panels, interior trims, under-the-hood applications or structural parts and body panels - the versatility and economics of Sci-Tech's advanced polypropylene creates customer opportunities for cost-effective and innovative design concepts that can enhance both passenger safety, comfort and quality.


For over 50 years, Sci-Tech has provided high-quality resins to producers of pipes and fittings. Our advanced polyolefins - marketed as Alathon, Hostalen and Lupolen PE, Hostalen PP, Moplen PP, Hifax PP and polybutene-1 (PB-1) - deliver the value and performance required for these demanding applications.

Sci-Tech Refinery

Our Houston refinery, which is located on the Houston Ship Channel in Houston, Texas, has a heavy, high-sulfur crude oil processing capacity of approximately 268,000 barrels per day on a calendar day basis. The Houston refinery is a full conversion refinery. We have the capacity to produce 120,000 barrels per day (BPD) of Gasoline and Components, 95,000 BPD of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and 25,000 BPD of Jet Fuel.
In addition, we are the largest producer of MTBE/ETBE worldwide, with approximately 10% of total worldwide production capacity for these combined Oxyfuels.