We are so excited to debut our first pieces of sapphire colored fluorite for Artisan of Bali – and it’s exclusive to Excellence! Our jewelry house was challenged by the Fashion TV buying team to come up with something spectacular and here’s what we've got.

Istanbul Jewelry Show is a comprehensive marketplace for international jewelry community and professionals. Today we invite you to visit IJS with us!

Excellence has been selected among 14 finalists announced in the Mark 2016 competition. Mark Diamond’s 2016 Jewellery Competition honours jewellery pieces with the highest level of creativity and excellence in quality and style.

Feeling a little fishy when it comes to summer fashion? We love this Excellence crystal bracelet for an afternoon beach party! Pair it with an over-sized pearl ring and tanzanite hoops, and you’re all set for a day by the water.

Zircon is an extremely important mineral in both the gemstone and scientific worlds. In the gemstone industry it is known for its rainbow of colors.

The temperature is rising, the sun is out and the heat is already here. It’s time to ditch the hats, gloves and boots to make room for your sunny, summer-inspired style. From pops of bright color to jewelry styles that are all-the-rage, summer is the right time to switch up your look.