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We offer guided hiking and walking trips year-round - as well as wilderness camping, backpacking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing trips.

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We have a huge repertory of locations and often unique hiking trip itineraries (and many scenic destinations as well) that include little-known areas that are off-the-beaten-path, and we also hike on famous trails.

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If you become a member of our club you’ll be joining what people frequently tell us is one of the best and most interesting hiking clubs in this part of the country.

In our busy world it isn’t always easy to find friends or companions to hike with.

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15 April

Meet an extremely active group with hikes every weekend and over 5,000 members! — Thomas Russell, Office manager

10 March

Hikeday’s walks, hikes and excursions represent a unique possibility to see various regions of our country and of the whole world. — Nancy Bell, President

30 April

If you are keen on hiking and camping, or other outdoor activities, this place is just for you. — John Cook, Web designer