Why people

Newly established Big Good Burger restaurant offers an innovative, fast-paced, friendly and informal environment. Our employees roll up their sleeves, dig into the work and never stop learning.

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We're here
to fit your

We shine and sparkle

We follow and maintain utmost standards of presentable appearance, cleanliness, and hygiene to maximize your experience.

Professional staff

Our highly trained and experienced cooks are the experts in the production, preparation and presentation of our fast-food dishes.

The tastiest!
The cheapest!
The quickest!

We've got an exciting variety of unique and tasty flavors! We've got hamburgers with plenty of different types and styles to choose from! From the exquisite Quadra Mac royal to the good ol' home made hamburger!

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Our cooks

Eva Adamson

Sous-Chef Eva is an experienced cook with a long list of awards, prizes and trophies.

Mark Johnson

Mark is the Chef with no doubt. He is the heart of our restaurant and he is the one who brings the spirit.

Olivia Grosh

Olivia can cook the best fast food dish you have ever eaten in your life!