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Shortly About Us

Exterus Landscape and Design Bureau offers a wide range of landscape design services, all focused on creating a truly unique space that fits with your surrounds, personality, and functional requirements. Utilising the latest in design concepts, blended with natural vegetation, paths and patios, and many other features, we can design and create the perfect space for you and your family

Our Philosophy

To understand how the outdoor space will work for a specific client using the architecture, surrounding landscape and site specifics to guide the creative process. We place great emphasis on the underlying groundplane, fusing traditional design with modern ideas. Plants are used sculpturally or massed to add the wow factor to the design.

Our Services

Creating an outdoor space may include many elements - paving, lawns, buildings, water, lighting, heating, furniture and sculptures. And it will definitely include plants! Throughout the project, we work in close collaboration with our clients to ensure the design accurately reflects their requirements, tastes and budget. Projects of all sizes are approached with the same commitment, passion and attention to detail.

Individual Approach to Each Project
Ensuring Quality & Reliability

  1. The Initial

    Designs are always influenced by the surrounding architecture and landscape but at the heart is our client. At Exterus, listening and creatively interpreting your requirements (the brief) is at the core of the project. The initial consultation is the ideal opportunity to explore ideas and possibilities, discuss your requirements and understand your site. This visit is followed up with a written brief including a quotation for design fees.

  2. Site Analysis
    and Survey

    At the site analysis, detailed measurements (including heights) are taken of your garden and surrounds (if required). Measurements are also taken of any existing features and elements outside the garden that may impact on the design.

  3. Outline and
    Planting Plans

    A scaled outline plan is developed, communicating the essence of the design; it details all the elements and suggested materials. Once the outline plan is finalised to your satisfaction, appropriate plants are chosen; plants are combined in a manner to provide all-year interest and structure. A personalised spiral-bound guide is provided, which includes an explanation of the design, examples of materials suggested, 3D illustrations along with images, and maintenance notes for each plant chosen, as appropriate.

  4. Scope
    of Works

    A written set of instructions (schedule of works) is prepared including materials and techniques, allowing contractors to quote for the construction fairly and accurately. Exterus works with many experienced contractors, from general landscapers to specialists in water features, lighting and irrigation.


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