Let orphans feel

your warmth and support!


Help turn tears
to smiles.

Orphan Care is a non-profit Christian mission, dedicated to the rescue of permanently displaced children, orphans and widows through third world church planting and orphanage outreach. Our mission is to restore childhoods in Christ as we reach out to meet their physical and emotional needs, and raise them to be disciples and leaders who bring about permanent change right where God planted them.

Orphan Care is committed to helping wounded kids find their place in this world, through a blend of Christian social work, humanitarian aid and ministry. Our holistic approach begins by nurturing orphans in the cradle and ends with them becoming interdependent, contributing members of society.

our mission

Restoring childhoods
in Christ

Our Orphan Care International mission is to rescue permanently displaced and orphaned children around the world and restore their childhoods in Christ as we raise them to be Disciples and leaders who bring about lasting change right where God planted them.

Raising a generation of disciples in a desperate world

Above all, our priority is to rescue children and raise them to know the love of Jesus Christ. We have a vision to fulfill the Great Commission through partnerships with indigenous churches as we disciple, baptize, and restore the lives of orphans and widows in Christ. We watch in awe as these orphans grow up and start to transform entire nations, impacting their generation for Christ.


Children Blessed via Orphan Care


Family is the key to
orphan's happiness

Every one of the thousands of children that have come to Orphan Care are cared for both physically and emotionally. Caring for orphans requires a safe and supportive environment including food and water, education, healthcare and a loving family.

what we do


Orphan Care ensures that each child has more than enough to eat. Each home acquires food by growing it in gardens, receiving donations from members of the congregation, or receiving relief food in cases of emergency or famine.


Orphan Care does more than ensure that the orphan home has fresh, clean water. We also encourage the local community to develop a habit of coming to get clean water. The wells and filtration systems make life healthy for everyone.


Every child deserves an education, especially if they have had a rough start of life. Every child who lives in a local Orphan Care center goes to a good private school.



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