Welcome to our shooting club!

Our shooting club is one of the oldest and largest private shooting sports facilities.

Thank you for visiting our website. We assume you are interested in practical/action type shooting - if this is the case you are in the right place !
Shiftshoot has an extensive shooting programme in the the city and other ranges in the South. We regularly shoot Practical Rifle, Civilian Service Rifle and Gallery Rifle disciplines and can instruct experienced fullbore or carbine shooters on practical rifle techniques. We also have a training program for probationers that have little or no prior shooting experience.
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Recent events

Shooting Training 2016

We invite all beginners who would like to learn basics of long- and short-range shooting to take part in this upcoming event.

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New website calendar!

The Club web design team recently revamped the website calendaring system to (hopefully) make it easier to manage and update the calendar.

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You are welcome to stop by the club to pick up your membership card.


Shiftshoot is a private shooting range managed by a board of trustees.


Relevant course topics in a state of the art facility.

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