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What is aquaplaning – and how to avoid it

Les Roberts -

Driving conditions in winter can be treacherous, and even if you know how to cope with driving through wind and rain, there’s the added danger of driving through standing water....

What is a car insurance excess?

Jessica Bown -

All motor insurance policies come with an excess, which is the amount you have to pay towards any claims. Here, we answer your questions...

How to prepare your car for winter

Mark Hooson -

Hitting the roads this Christmas? Check out these 7 tips from Green Flag on avoiding a breakdown. The winter period...

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How to drive in fog

Christian Willis -

I don’t know what conditions are like where you are this morning, but the fog was so bad up here in North Wales that visibility on the road was down to just a few meters for pretty...

Should I buy a new or used car?

Michael Wagner -

Ready to buy a new car? Having trouble deciding between factory fresh and second hand? Or maybe you’ve concluded that a brand new car isn’t a realistic proposition...

Danger of breaking down

Amanda Chavez -

Whether you are driving a SUV or a luxury sedan, sooner or later, your car will break down if it's not maintained correctly. It may first seem to have an unimportant breakage, but such...

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