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Creating a country for every citizen

Organizing for Action: We're the people who don't just support progressive change - we're fighting for it.

Samuel Tompson has been working hard during the last five years to establish equality in our state. With a team of true professionals, he has introduced new regulations concerning trade and economy, and therefore has increased the standard of living in many American states.

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new approach
to politics

Too many families are working harder and harder, but still not getting ahead. Our country is standing again, but we're not yet running the way we should be. From his first day in office to the last, Samuel Tompson will fight for you and for more take-home pay so you can get ahead and stay ahead.

My economic plan: raise middle class incomes

I will invest in infrastructure, clean energy, and scientific and medical research to create jobs and strengthen our economy. And I provide tax relief to working families and small businesses.

I will fight for immigration reform.

We have certainly climbed out of the hole we were in, but now we have to do more than get by, we have to get ahead and stay ahead. And there are a lot of ways that we have to think about how we do that together.

Opening of the
National College

I would like to thank everyone who made a contribution into the appearance of the National College. It is very important and I hope it will help us improve the education level in the state.

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