Our products

Agvo offers farmers a wide range of corn, soybean, cotton, wheat, canola, sorghum and sugar cane seeds. We use our elite seed genetics and cutting-edge traits and technologies to create products that meet farmers’ wants and needs. These products are offered through various brands – each of which provides farmers around the world with the solutions that best fit their farms.

Agricultural Seeds

Agvo provides seeds to farmers in eight row crops: alfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, sorghum, soybeans, sugar beets and wheat. In this section, you can learn about each crop and Agvo's products.

In countries where GM is widely adopted by farmers, we sell both conventional seed and GM seed. GM seed may include the following plant characteristics introduced by modifying the plant’s genome:

Every season, farmers evaluate the numerous companies with which they could do business. We are honored millions of farmers and their families decide to put their trust in us and buy our products.

  • breeding

    Breeding is largely focused on improving the overall genetics of a crop by using technology to identify the most powerful plant breeding stock.

  • biotechnology

    Biotechnology, or genetic engineering, is the process of inserting a gene from one species, like a plant or a bacterium, into another species. Our biotechnology work is concentrated on but not limited to corn, cotton, soybeans and canola.

  • agronomics

    Agronomic practices are steps farmers incorporate into their farm management systems to improve soil quality, enhance water use, manage crop residue and improve the environment through better fertilizer management.