Plant statistics

Our company is growing rapidly and steadily improves indices from year to year

All business lines clearly improved their sales volumes year on year. Thanks to this growth in sales volumes and successful price increases in major markets, revenue improved moderately to €13,547 million (previous year: 12,128) despite substantial negative exchange rate effects of €417 million.

Our company remained consistent and disciplined in pursuing the targeted expansion of its market position in the cement business line in growth countries. Cement and clinker facilities with a capacity of over 5 million tonnes were put into operation. The design capacity of the plant - 2 thousand tons of dry mixes per month, reaching these indicators is scheduled for the end of 2015.

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  1. How cement is made at cement company

    The cement is produced by heating clay and lime to ultra high temperature - 1450 ° C and above. As a result of the melting clinker granules are formed - the basis of any of the cement mixture.

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  2. Сement from clinker

    For obtaining of cement clinker is mixed with a few percent of gypsum and finely milled. Gypsum controls the speed of setting, it may be partially replaced by other forms of calcium sulfate.

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  3. Environmental controls

    Reducing the negative impact on the environment is a priority of environmental policy. The company has developed and implemented environmental programs for the improvement of ecological situation.

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Manufacturing process

The extraction of raw materials in quarries

Blasted rock which size of pieces is up to 1000 mm in diameter is stowed by excavator on vehicles and sent to the factory.

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Preparation of raw materials for calcining

In the wet process, preparation and mixing of the raw materials is carried out in the presence of water, and in dry materials are grounded and mixed in dry form.

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Firing the raw material (clinker production)

Firing the raw material mixture is a center stage of cement technology. For firing two types of furnaces - are used mine and rotating.

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Shipping of cement to the consumer

From silos cement is unloaded into special covered railroad cars, tanks or cement trucks. Part of it is packed in multilayer paper bags, 50 kg of cement in each.

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Our work speaks louder than words

Work team

Jessica Priston

Independent non-executive director She is a professional legal member of the Cyprus Bar Association since 1992.

Sam Kromstain

General Director Was appointed a General Director of the company on March 28, 2014.

Alan Smith

Financial Director Has been appointed a Finance Director in 2014.

John Franklin

Technical Director He has been appointed a Technical Director on June 23, 2014.