News and Events from The Club

As one of the leading names in the outdoor industry The Club is keen to keep members informed with news, events and latest safety information.

Tent Survey

The best people to tell you what a tent is like to own, camp with and maintain are its owners, who’ve bought them with their hard earned cash.

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Don’t forget, Club members also have exclusive competitions and discounts. Please read the terms and conditions for each competition.

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Eat Local

You'll find information on farm shops, farmers' markets and food festivals near to Club, Camping in the Forest and Certificated Sites.

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Why Join Our Club?

In our busy world it isn’t always easy to find friends or companions to hike with. If you become a member of our club you’ll be joining what people frequently tell us one of the best and most interesting hiking clubs in this part of the country, with an endless array of hikes to choose from on weekends year-round, and hundreds of fellow-members to meet and share memorable times with while hiking in the most scenic natural areas.

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Guided Trips and Workshops

Skills Workshops

Our Education department offers a wide variety of skills courses from entry level courses like Beginner, Intro to Kayaking, Map and Compass Fundamentals.

Paddling Programs

Come spend a day on the water with us! We offer a variety of paddling courses and trips that will help you experience the natural world from the water.

Guided Hikes

Join us for a wide variety of guided hikes and backpacking trips. Whether you are working on your 46 high peaks or just looking for a group of people to hike with.

First Aid Courses

First Aid courses through Wilderness Medical Associates throughout the year. These courses will help you prepare for an emergency when you are miles from help.