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Information about us

The Hiking and Camping Club was founded in the late Fall of 2000, when Pickwick began scouring the Web for an outdoor club in the Atlanta area that was for all ages, was close to the city, and held events of all sorts (hiking, canoeing, biking, etc.)

When the Web didn't seem to offer any answers, we decided to use her web development knowledge to form an online meeting and information place for a club.

Our History

2010 -

It was the first time we saw social media being used in a substantial way to challenge us and ask questions.

2012 -

We voluntarily submitted our policies and procedures to the Committee for independent review and became the first manufacturer.

2013 -

Our club acquired several companies in a strategic move to enhance our position on the global market.

2014 -

We acquired a US-based company with an innovative portfolio of products for use under supervision.

2015 -

We extended our activities to include the field of specialized items meeting the world’s increasing needs.

Our mission

Hiking and Camping Club mission:

The Club, as a business, is an extension of who we, the staff, are as people. Climbers. Backpackers. Kayakers. Yoga instructors. Adventurers. We share our love of special places reached through rigorous activity.

We realize we are models for our clients behavior. We take minimal impact and Leave No Trace ethics seriously. We never use disposable plates or silverware for our trips, as an example. We strive to keep our group sizes relatively small when rock climbing to minimize our impact on other park users.

Meet Our Team

Bradley Grosh


Dayle Peters


Mark Johnson


Edna Barton


Our Advantages

  • Security

    Club has made significant investments to build a state-of-the-art security platform.

  • Cost management

    With our Company, you can be confident that your needs will be met.

  • Advanced technology

    Club is one of the largest providers of a variety of services technology to governmental agencies.


Please read attentively

We gathered all recently asked questions, please read them attentively, especially if you have never hiked in your life:


A great time and value. Set in a beautiful area of the park. An experience to remember for a lifetime for not only myself, but my kids and their cousins as well!

Mark Johnson