Let's preserve our world together!

The world is changing. Once there was ‘waste’. Now there are potentially valuable resources that we must all challenge ourselves and recover. By transforming domestic and commercial waste and recyclables into high quality raw materials and renewable energy we’re making a big contribution to improving the UK’s resource efficiency.

Landfill sites

Our innovative refuse, recycling and waste treatment services are placing us at the centre of the circular economy. Delivering the best waste and recycling solutions.


Our future plans

A complete energy services partner, we provide our clients with energy efficiency solutions with guaranteed results. We are responsible for our sustainable environment.


Refuse collection

Minimise your costs and your downtime with our highly skilled industrial cleaning and maintenance services. We are here to protect our environment from our own harm.

Commercial recycling
Commercial waste collection
Recovery, treatment and disposal
Secure destruction services

Services for businesses

We are responsible for the efficient and effective landfilling of non-hazardous county waste. In this effort Our Company operates six landfills, has a contract agreement for waste disposal with an additional private landfill, and administers several transfer station leases. Every effort is made to recycle and reuse appropriate items with scrupulous attention to public health and safety.

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What we offer

Recycling and

We provide highly efficient, innovative recycling and waste management services for local authorities. Our goal is to work in partnership with our clients to increase recycling rates, reduce waste to landfill, improve street cleanliness and landscapes and communicate effectively with residen ts.



Composting is nature's way of recycling. Composting biodegrades organic waste (i.e. food waste, manure, leaves, grass trimmings, paper, wood etc.) turning it into a valuable fertiliser and we recover green waste from many of the communities we serve. We have power to make the world cleane r. Transforming waste into a resource.



More and more Local Authorities are extending garden waste collection and composting schemes to help fulfil regulatory targets and reduce and recycle more organic waste.
We operate a number of centralised composting schemes that turn waste from domestic, commercial and horticult
ural sources into an organic peat-free soil.


Services for

We collect green waste from business operations, civic amenity sites or through separate kerbside collections, ensuring minimal contamination of the waste material. The waste then undergoes a composting process in one of our purpose built composting facilities, which takes nearly six months.

  • Recycling facilities

    We are the leading providers of comprehensive environmental solutions

    Every day throughout the UK we deliver energy management services to meet the energy challenges faced by our customers across industry and the public sector. From industrial manufacturing to hospitals, educational facilities to district heating networks, our energy expertise permits our clients to focus on their core business while helping them attain their energy performance and environmental targets.

    In cooperation with our dedicated Combined Heat and Power subsidiary, we offer our clients the comfort of full turnkey solutions from the design and installation of optimum energy systems...

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  • Hazardous waste

    We offer efficient recycling and
    waste management services

    To achieve the best results from our integrated approach to waste management, we have invested in a nationwide infrastructure to support our recycling, collection, treatment, recovery and disposal activities. This includes waste facilities for composting, energy recovery and materials recovery. We are in the business of environmental services. To us, environmental responsibility and sustainable development are not simply a corporate strategy; they are also our livelihood. Through initiatives in the workplace, marketplace, community and environment, our goal is to transform attitudes towards waste – and transform waste into a resource. In cooperation with our dedicated Combined Heat and Power subsidiary.

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