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Offering authentic Italian
fresh-filled pastas


Our Company is a diverse manufacturer and distributor,
specializing in authentic Italian fresh-filled pastas

Our comprehensive Italian products include ravioli, tortellini, manicotti, cannelloni, stuffed shells, gnocchi, lasagna and other premium filled pasta products. You can supplement the pasta with our line of delicious fresh sauces. Along with our awesome products we can manufacture products specifically tailored to your requirements.

Our contemporary life styles have made time-saving concessions in the kitchen a necessity, but we are not willing to sacrifice the quality of the meals we serve to our families. For those of us reared in the tradition of traditional Italian cooking, and for countless others who love the authentic dishes of Italy, there is an alternative. That alternative is the superb line of our products


of pasta


of ravioli


of cheese



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There is a diverse variety of authentic Italian recipes - pastas, sauces, as well as a variety of other traditional style foods. Try to cook them in your kitchen in a traditional style, or you may add your favourite spices and flavors, try new meal ideas...impress your family and friends. Send us your own recipe and get free pasta.

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Here you can read some details about a nifty little lifecycle of your order's journey from the time you place your order to your new treasures arriving at your doorstep. At first you choose the product you like.

Then you put into your shopping cart and pass the checkout process in a few clicks. Our store offers several payment and delivery methods, so you have an opportunity to choose which one is the most convenient for you.

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