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Let Your Dream Pool
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Turn your backyard
into a delightful paradise!

Turn Your Backyard into
a Delightful Paradise!

Soon you will boast your luxurious
pool to your friends

Relax & Enjoy
Your Clean Pool

Custom designed swimming pools,
that make your house a resort

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Poolan pool company has the interests of each customer in mind throughout the entire pool design & construction process.

Huge experience in commercial and residential pool construction

We offer just about everything for your pool needs. New pool construction and renovation, service and repairs, opening and closing of pools, and installation of all types of equipment such as pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners, and slides. If you want to save some money, open the pool yourself! If you REALLY want to save money, have us winterize your pool for you.

By choosing our Pool Company with high-quality pool products we offer, you can enjoy your life more.
Get more out of life—just add water and our Pool Company


meet the team that
makes it all happen

Our team of pool professionals is here to serve you when you need us.We'll take care of your pool & make it crystal, clear, blue for you.



Quality, integrity, and attention to detail are our promises

Well trained construction teams assure you have a product that meets or exceeds your expectations for your backyard paradise.


Services& Products

We offer a turn key installation services

We offer a complete line of products and services to enhance or maintain your backyard vacation spot. We will gladly assist you with your pool paradise needs.


Shortly About Us

Serving our customers since 1983. we offer
everything for your pool and spa needs

We are the oldest and most established pool company providing custom designed pools. The dedicated team at our Swimming Pool Company has the interests of each customer in mind throughout the entire pool design and construction process. We go to great lengths to ensure that we fully understand our customers needs and vision for their personal paradise, then we go to work making it a reality.

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