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Most folks who have grown up in Christian homes have been exposed to prayer, maybe even taught some prayer. Prayer is part of the culture - the Christian culture. Unfortunately, prayer that is cultural and not based in faith sounds and feels empty. At some point, people praying in this fashion.

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Achieving the desired success requires patience and persistence. Your goals need time. You must study, improve yourself, go towards your target with patience. With a deeper thinking you'll see the importance of your life.

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If this is you or anyone close to you, don't jump ship before finishing this article. Prayer is an exercise in power. Early followers saw this power as a result of Jesus' prayers. Remember, they flocked around with, "Lord, teach us to pray!"

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Slowly repeat that verse several times. Let it roll around on the inside. Consider the meaning of it. Now reconstruct the verse to be personal and present tense. Lord, thank you. You have set your angels to guard me in all my ways.

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Can you feel the verse begin to root in you? Strengthen you? Fill you with some confidence? Give this activity some attention in moments of quiet. You will probably have to make the quiet.

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Well worth the effort! Find another verse in Psalm 91 and repeat the process. Can you feel the difference between this type of prayer and those prayers you have found so frustrating?

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To speed up your new prayer training and to ramp up the power of it, pray with two or three others. Each of you take time to pray aloud while the other two enter in silently. When a small group prays Scripture ...

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