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Better Relationships

between people and dogs

Our dog training center pursues the goal of better understanding the human’s best companions. We provide group and private lessons for all breeds, from puppies to grown-ups. All our training programs are designed to help your dog socialize and teach you how to train your dog.

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Fix your dog's

behavior problems

If you need help with a specific behavioral issue, we can help too! Each program that we offer is customized to your dog’s needs and catered to your family’s lifestyle. Our dog-friendly attitude allows all owners to find a proper approach to their dogs’ behavioral education. We always remain open-minded to every training technique available.

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providing all types

of training for your dog

From individual to group training, our team offers perfectly designed programs for any dog. Besides offering what you can find in every modern training center, we also offer custom programs, weekly workshops, and classes for specific dog breeds. We can surely find what your dog needs at Dog Training Center!

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personal Training

While working one on one with your personal trainer you and your pet will learn the commands you desire to teach your dog. Sessions are typically 45 minutes to an hour, once weekly.

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Group Training

We’re going to change the way you communicate with your dog. To do this, we’ve designed every group class with you and your dog in mind to achieve the best results for you and your dog.

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Board & Train

Everything you want and need in one package. Private Lessons, Group Classes, Dog eLearning, and Customized Homework. We train your dog and teach you how to follow through.

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Why Choose us

Our trainers are highly certified and professional. They continue their education so they always know the best, gentlest, and fastest ways to help your dog gain amazing results.

We can easily customize our programs for you,since every family and dog is different. From the program type to the place of training, there are a variety of options that can be changed.

Our training actually works, and quickly. We teach you and your dog together, so you know exactly what you need to maintain the training of your dog for many years to come.

Our years of experience means that we can help you find the best way to teach your dog to listen reliably to your whole family, and stop unwanted behaviors that you would like to avoid.

The vast majority of our clients are highly satisfied with our dog training programs and boarding packages. Feel free to read our customers’ reviews and testimonials on our website.

We understand that no dog is the same and that’s why we use a personalized approach in all our training and boarding programs. It allows us to achieve better results in dog training.

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