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Before you get your heart set on a new mower, make sure you know what kind is best for your particular lawn and the pros and cons of each variety.

Personal preference and budget play a pivotal role for many people when it comes to mowing their lawn. Some people view it as a therapeutic workout and don’t mind pushing a mower for two hours, while others consider it a chore to be finished as quickly as possible. However, the type of lawn mower you need will largely be determined by three factors: the size of your lawn, level of terrain (flat or hilly), and the number and type of obstacles (trees, flower beds, etc.).


How to Pick the Perfect Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

Ideal for small- to mid-sized suburban lawns, walk-behind mowers come in a variety of flavors: reel, electric, cordless or gas-powered. Whether you’re looking for eco-friendliness or comfort and convenience, there’s a style to meet your needs. LawnMo now offers eleven models of commercial walk behind mowers that feature both pistol grip and twin loop controls

Go for a Ride if You Have a Huge Lawn

Riding mowers are made for lawns that are just beyond the scope of anyone wanting to push a walk-behind mower. If it takes you more than two hours to mow your lawn it might be time to upgrade. Riding mowers have a rear-mounted motor and only provide the basics in comfort. They’re built for mowing

Lawn Mowers Provide Many Benefits for Do-It-Yourself Homeowners

Find a mower to keep your lawn in top shape, whether it’s large or small. One of the steps in creating a perfect yard is choosing your cutting height. Your mower will be quick and easy to adjust with up to 9 cutting height options and models that will cut your grass from 1.25 to
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Get the product that will meet your needs

All our lawn mowers are efficient and provide excellent ergonomics. Our self-propelled models significantly reduce the effort required to push the mower, and most models feature our 3-position height adjustment handle that allows you to choose your comfort setting. The compact design provides excellent maneuverability around trees and shrubs and folding handles allow for easy


A mower that’s not properly cared for will have years taken off its life and have a lot more problems in the short run as well. A lack of preventive maintenance almost guarantees an early death for your lawn mower, but you don’t have to be a mechanic to keep it buzzing all summer long.


The vast majority of mower products are shipped FREE. However, the accessories often ship separately from different manufacturers in different locations. We simply charge standard shipping rates on the accessories – not the mower.


There’s more to mowing a lawn than just turning on the mower. Read the manual carefully before operating the mower. Stay informed about events, offers and products we have. We will share with you some tips and tricks in keeping your yard picture-perfect and look at some of the great new mowers on the market to make life outside a lot easier.