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Open for 30 years, this roadside attraction features over 50 dinosaurs, inviting visitors to step into the world of the prehistoric past, turning back the pages of time to the Mesozoic era, when dinosaurs were the only creatures that roamed the earth.
Come visit us with your kids, your friends, or your date. Entertain yourself in our enormous gift shop, featuring gifts for the entire family, and of course lots of dinosaur items



There were many kinds of ornithischian dinosaurs, dating back to the early Jurassic. The Ornithopoda included the


The saurischian, or “lizard-hipped” dinosaurs, like all other tetrapods, had pelves (hips) composed of three elements: the


Theropod is a member of the dinosaur subgroup Theropoda, which includes all the flesh-eating dinosaurs. Theropods were

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Meet the most terrible creatures face to face!


Our Dinosaurs

Travel back in time when Dinosaurs walked our earth! Lurking amongst the tropical trees in the depth of the atmospheric valley are some of the latest in Dinosaur animatronics new to the park in 2014. Come face to face with ferocious Spinosaurus, a family of Triceratops and the vicious Neovenator! Watch out for the young
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July Event

Mark your calendar for the special 50th anniversary celebration of the discovery of tracks. Visitors will be treated to music, games, crafts, and live animal presentations. All outdoor activities will be free during the event which is made possible by funding from the Friends of Dinosaur Park donations from our vendors and area businesses. Other
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The park is open now!

Brace yourself for the experience of a lifetime. Travel to a land where dinosaurs roamed and were the kings. Prepare yourself for the incredible new ride that is… Jurassic Journey: sensational moving, roaring dinosaurs in a specially created woodland trail, yet just the first in a whole series of new features and attractions coming to
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The most memorable adventure for the whole family!

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